• Tara Allbritton

Tip 1: Acknowledge your perfectionistic behavior!

Do not own the the personality flaw by saying "I am a perfectionist" because you do not want to wear that label. The words "I am" attaches it to your identity and this is not who you are. However, it is necessary to admit that you have perfectionistic behaviors. If you spend a lot of time doing things that are not important rather than the things you know you should be doing, that is a perfectionistic behavior. Do you constantly apologize for minor mistakes or check and recheck your work? If the answer is yes then you are experiencing perfectionistic behaviors. But, do not fret.... these behaviors can be changed and the first step is simply acknowledging that you have perfectionistic behaviors. When you acknowledge your perfectionistic behaviors and your perfectionistic thinking then you have taken the first step in being able to change them.

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