• Tara Allbritton

Tip 3: Get comfortable with other people's criticism

Perfectionistic thinking will have you believing that all criticism is a personal attack against you and you will almost always respond defensively. While some people are genuinely very critical and judgmental, it is important to be a little more objective about criticism and about yourself. Constructive criticism helps you realize that you are human and you will make mistakes. Overcoming perfectionism requires courage, especially because it requires you to accept your imperfections. Nonetheless, accepting your imperfections helps you realize that imperfections are part of what makes you human.

Remember, greatness does not come out of every great effort. Greatness comes out of every great ability and great ability is developed through trial and error and many attempts. So concentrate on being more objective about the criticism, especially constructive criticism, and yourself. Remind yourself often that you are an imperfect being created in perfection to do extraordinary things to the very best of your ability, not perfectly!

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