• Tara Allbritton

Powerful Emotions!

World issues and life situations bring up many emotions, and not the good ones. These circumstances cause frustration, anger, disappointment, fear, anxiety and many others. These emotions are powerful and can cause mental anguish. However, there are two emotions that are powerful enough to get you through any circumstances you may be going through. They are Joy and Love!

Joy is an emotion that offers strength to help unlock a sense of purpose and hope. It is never ending and the joy of the Lord is our strength! This strength is powerful enough to keep you smiling even when you feel like crying.

Love is another emotion that helps you get through any circumstance. Love is the most powerful emotion there is and without it life has no true meaning. The main reason is because Love is God and God is Love! Love truly does conquer all so in the midst of situations that are evil and heartbreaking I encourage you to seek love. Remember, God is Love and Love is God!

As you move forward in these times of confusion and uncertainties remember these two powerful emotions; joy and love, knowing that the Joy of the Lord is our strength and God is Love!

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