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Tara Allbritton, MS

She Got The Nerve Coaching and Consulting

Tara Allbritton, M.S., is a self-image enthusiast and self-regulated professional fostering positive self-images through self-awareness, goal-setting, and identifying life purpose. She is an accomplished Keynote Speaker who provides support in the life transformation process through her D.A.N.C.E transformation process which can be used in every aspect of personal professional, and spiritual development. Ms. Tara uses her own personal journey of overcoming and healing from low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and lack of self-identity to empower young people and women to discover their voice and learn to live in their true identity with a positive self-image.
Ms. Tara's formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Business and Masters degrees in counseling, psychology, and life coaching.  Although Ms. Tara is proud of her educational accomplishments, she relies on the powerful stories supported by personal experiences, education, and continual research to connect with her audience and inspire lasting life-changes.


Community Partners

Tara has spoken at events and meetings for these organizations and more.

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