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Tara Allbritton, MS

Dedicated to renewing the lives of women and youth through life coaching, self-image consulting, and motivational speaking fostering personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development.

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Are you tired of trying to be everything for everyone else? Are you ready to discover your true identity? Are you ready to live your life in the image you were created in to be able to do the things you were created to do? Let's connect for a complimentary 90 minute consultation.

The What Anchor

Build positive self-images in women and girls through life coaching and consulting based on personal, professional, and spiritual development. 


Provide life-changing talks that inspire listeners and move them toward transformation, goals, and purpose.

Deepen self-awareness, and find support and accountability. Ms. Tara creates opportunities for young people to connect and foster their sense of confidence.

Tara Allbritton, M.S., is a self-image enthusiast and self-regulated professional fostering positive self-images through self-awareness, goal-setting, and identifying life purpose. She is an accomplished Keynote Speaker who provides support in the life transformation process through her D.A.N.C.E transformation process which can be used in every aspect of personal professional, and spiritual development.
Ms. Tara's formal education includes a Bachelors degree in Business and Masters degrees in counseling, psychology, and life coaching.  She also uses powerful stories supported by personal experiences, education, and continual research to connect with her audience and inspire lasting life-changes.

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Community Involvement

Tara has spoken at events across the state of Illinois, and for organizations like. . .

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