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Ms. Tara Talks 

Ms. Tara's talks are designed to increase self-awareness, foster personal growth and improvement, and leave audiences hungry for more. Ms. Tara creates speaking topics that offer attendees the opportunity to focus on themselves unapologetically using biblical principles.

Below are a few examples of the workshops and topics Ms. Tara presents on.

Excited News
Job Interview

Confidence in Motion caters to the whole person. Our workshops and style shows are designed to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, and build positive self-images. We believe this program helps improve personal, professional, and spiritual growth in youth and women. According to Newton's First Law of Motion...things in motion stay in motion.

Let's go!

What is the MIM program? My IMAGE Matters (MIM) is an 8-week coaching program designed to help young girls, ages 10 - 17 work to discover their true identity. The girls meet once a week for 90 minutes to engage in programming focused on Identity, Morals/values, Attitude, Goals, and Experiences. Participants in this program discover their true identity, develop personal morals/values, build positive attitudes, establish personal goals, and use personal experiences to find their purpose.Why this program? Studies from the emerging field of coaching psychology have indicated that evidence-based life coaching intervention can increase the quality of life and reduce depression, anxiety, and stress (Grant, 2003). We believe that youth coaching helps build self-awareness, develops life skills, builds self-confidence, encourages goal-setting, and prevents depression.

Two Girls Dancing

What is the D.A.N.C.E. program? Life happens when you D.A.N.C.E. There will always be something going on in life but how you grow through it is what’s important. In every aspect of your life you have a reason to DANCE. Ms. Tara's D.A.N.C.E. transformation process will help you get started. These five steps provide a roadmap for transformation that can be used daily. The D.A.N.C.E. transformation process is:






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